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Welcome to EUREKA - relax and take your time to look around


Obtain from ThemeForest

Don't miss it! Available only on ThemeForest.


Clean and valid codes

Code is validated with W3C and divided into the logic sections.


Social ready

Insert your tweets, link to the flickr and facebook pages.


Freedom for creativity

Build unlimited layouts with EUREKA template.


Save time for coffee

Speed up developing process.


Suits best for business

Small investment can make all the difference.


Give prominence to paragraphs with letter-caps

1Obtain a copy of this template from ThemeForest.

2Edit template files to make it look the way you want to.

3Upload updated files to your hosting and start using it.

4Enjoy your work! It is never been *so* easy.

Welcome to EUREKA - take your time to look around

Eureka is to good to be true! It comes with a lot of pre-designed templates such as: pages, services, pricing, contacts, blog, portfolio and evene more.

Eureka is jQuery enhanced and looks fabulous with all it's javascript tiny sweetness. Slideshows, Tabs, Tool tips, Image previews, prettyPhoto, youTube and Vimeo ready.

Please take a closer look to the main menu - it is called MEGA MENU. And it is a well know fact that users are paying more attention to this kind of menus.

Did you know?

That Eureka comes with loads of predefined templates, with their help you can setup your website in no time at all and most important it will looks thousands dollars ($5000+) worth!

P.S. No kidding!

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